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LA Cheese

Super Kush


Root Beer Cobra Vape Pen Cartridge


Jack Max

Amber Rosin Hash


Cherry OG


Mary’s Sativa Bunnies 300mg


BC Nectars Purple Kush


Darth Vader OG

Maui Wowie Element Vape-Pen Cartridge

Black Kush

Organic God


Green Crack Cobra Vape Pen Cartridge


HM Caviar


Blue Lightning Rosin


Northern Lights


Mary’s Sativa Bunnies 55mg


Tuna OG

Black Domina Tops


Blueberry Element Vape Pen


Fruity Pebbles


Blackberry Kush

Piña Colada Cobra Vape Pen Cartridge


Black Beauty


Chemo Rosin


Purple Punch

Mary’s Sour Swirls 140mg Indica


Sour Kush

Island Pink


Blue Dream Element Vape Pen Cartridge

C Warp




Fruit Punch Cobra Vape Pen Cartridge


Good Vibrations THC infused Bitz & Bites


Earth’s Edibles gummies Sleepy Bear


Orange Tangie


Mary’s Sour Swirls 55mg Sativa


Full Extract Cannabis Oil 1 ml


Strawberry Romken


Blueberry Element Vape-Pen Cartridges

Good Vibrations THC infused Caramel Popcorn 100mg




Super Lemon Haze Element Vape Pen Kit

Skittles Cobra Vape Pen Cartridge


BC Nectars Organic Northern Lights Shatter


Earth’s Edibles gummies Early Bird


Elements Blue Dream Vape Pen Kit

CBD Capsule 20mg


Cannabis Honey Oil 1 ml

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